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" ICCAA: Empowering Youth Entrepreneurship, Advocacy, and Global Networking for India's Economic Growth"

  • ICCAA is an esteemed Indian industrial chamber, headquartered in Mumbai, with multiple chapters across the nation and a broad membership base.
  • Focuses on fostering India's overall economic development.
  • Acts as a liaison between the government, industries, and the underprivileged community for business opportunities.
  • Encourages youth entrepreneurship and provides a platform for startup incubation and leadership training.
  • Conducts regular skill development initiatives for startups and facilitates viable business opportunities.
  • Offers advisory and consultancy services to SME sectors.
  • Provides global networking exposure.
  • Aims to represent the underprivileged masses on various government and institutional bodies, serving as a bridge between members and these entities.

Felicitation of J& K Women’s Cricket Team: (February, 2021)

Our chamber believes and works for women empowerment & development. And, we decided to stand by our belief by appreciating the well-deserving Women’s Cricket Team from Kashmir with certificate and medals.

  • Empowerment
  • Appreciation
  • Recognition

Felicitation function of Mr Ashish Chauhan (03/08/2021)

Mr Ashish Chauhan, our mentor and guide was honored and felicitated by the team of ICCAA on his appointment as the Chancellor of University of Alhabad.

  • Leadership
  • Achievement
  • Guidance

Project Summery

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Project Results

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