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Indian Chamber of Commerce for Affirmative Action

Indian Chamber of Commerce of Affirmative Action endures to generate sustainable business opportunities and creating an environment conducive to the upliftment, development and progress of Socio-economically underprivileged Castes & classes, partnering industry, Government, and civil society, through advisory and consultative processes.

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Services of ICCAA

What we Provide

Business Mentoring & Consultancy

Mentors are trusted business guides who share their in-depth experience to help you develop your business. Mentoring is about listening to you, helping you plan and being a motivator.Learn More »

Skill development & Training programmes

Skill development is essential to address the opportunities, challenges & new demands of changing economies and new technologies in the context of globalization.Learn More »

Key Initiatives/Information

One of ICCAA’s prime objectives is to bridge the gap between industry & the Government & help influence policy in a mutually beneficial way for the industry as well the Government.Learn More »

Conferences & Seminars

Conferences & seminars are strong platform for detailed interactions between business professionals from various fields & sectors. ICCAA holds conferences & seminars on a regular basis.Learn More »

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Events at ICCAA

ICCAA conducts regular seminars, workshops & skill development programmes to enhance better entrepreneurial skills. We also offer other advisory and consultancy services for SME sectors.

Membership at ICCAA

Types of Membership

Standard Member

Any Company or Firm in India engaged in manufacturing activity or providing consultancy services (Engineering/Technical/Management)Learn More »

Associate Member

Liaison Offices of MNC’s operating with the approval of Reserve Bank, without any Sales Turnover in India, are eligible for the “Associate Membership”.Learn More »

Institutional Member

National or Regional Professional Institutes / Organisations / Boards of industry interests dealing with collection and dissemination of informationLearn More »

Honorary Member

This a special membership offered by ICCAA from time to time to such leaders that ICCAA may see as mentors and guides to its Members.Learn More »