Business Mentoring & Consultancy

Mentors are trusted business guides who share their in-depth experience to help you develop your business. Mentoring is about listening to you, helping you plan and being a motivator. At ICCAA, we strive to provide our members with the best available advice & guidance from some of the most successful entrepreneurs from the Industry through regular & personalised interactions. ICCAA is in the process of set up multiple centres of excellence in various locations across India to help their cause of creating business leaders.

Skill development & Training programmes

Skill development is essential to address the opportunities, challenges & new demands of changing economies and new technologies in the context of globalization. ICCAA conducts regular training programmes to ensure the steady fulfilment of these ever-growing demands of globalisation.

Key Initiatives/Information

One of ICCAA’s prime objectives is to bridge the gap between industry & the Government & help influence policy in a mutually beneficial way for the industry as well the Government. ICCAA conducts regular surveys, discussions & research to understand and acknowledge the problems & needs of industry. The findings are then put forth to the Policy makers & concerned agencies for further study. ICCAA encourages its members to keep themselves involved actively in this interactive process.

Conferences & Seminars

Conferences & seminars are strong platform for detailed interactions between business professionals from various fields & sectors. ICCAA holds conferences & seminars on a regular basis. These are characterised by key viewpoints of various business professionals on related subjects & problems. Attended by representatives from Industry as well as the Government, these conferences & seminars are an opportunity for our members to interact with & put forth their views to the Government representatives.

Trade Fair/Expos

ICCAA organises regular trade fairs and expos in association with key Government & other Industry associations & organisations. These fairs provide our small & medium units a reputed platform to market their products & services on a global platform& give themselves considerable exposure to Industry & GoI.


Every year ICCAA organises its Business excellence awards in order toappreciate & recognise the efforts and achievements the deserving members. We believe that these awards encourage better performances from all our members and createawareness among other members about best business practices and key to success.


ICCAA was founded with the intention of social upliftment. All our efforts & work are directed towards building a better society. To strengthen the weak & make them self-reliable & independent. The new century has shown us more effort than ever, by our business community in trying to give back to society as part of their success as their Corporate social responsibility. ICCAA in association with various NGO’s, Organisations, Institutions as well Government of India, creates effective social development programmes for the Industry on a number of platforms. We provide number of programs for Industry to carry out their CSR activities & helps find rightful destinations for their donations & also provides advice & consultancy on social development.